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WorldQuant University is preparing promising students for distinguished careers in research, strategy, trading and technology. Discover your next best hire today.

WorldQuant University provides access to highly competitive, tuition-free programs.

We discover, recruit, and train the best and brightest from around the world, including places that aren’t even on your recruiters’ maps.

Our students, from over 80 countries, are motivated, highly skilled, and ready for opportunities.

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Access the talent pipeline of the future.

The future of our shared success depends on our ability to connect capable students, educators, and employers to create pathways that close the talent gap.

It was WorldQuant University Founder and Chairman, and CEO of WorldQuant, LLC, Igor Tulchinsky, who saw a growing demand for talented quants in the financial industry, but very few places where qualified students from anywhere in the world could learn these in-demand skills. Igor founded WorldQuant University so that students across the globe could earn their Master's in Financial Engineering from industry experts and develop the skills required in modern business.

Students learn skills like regression, matplotlib, cointegration, risk management, recursion, alphas, scipy, numpy, neural networks, and vector machines

Highly skilled and self-reliant.

Our rigorous curriculum ensures that our students graduate with the hard skills demanded by employers large and small.

What truly sets our students apart is the manner in which they earn their degree. Succeeding in an asynchronous, online learning environment requires a great deal of self-reliance and the ability to collaborate professionally with individuals and teams across the globe.

In short, our graduates have the autonomy, time management, and communication skills to excel in modern professional environments.

This isn’t a checkbox, it’s the future of your organization.

Companies today are in an arms race for the best and most diverse talent to eenrich their organization and drive business results well into the future. Working with WorldQuant University is a powerful way to give your HR team an advantage.

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At WorldQuant University, we believe education is most effective when educators, employers, and students work together to create pathways for mutual success. By partnering with WorldQuant University, you can support these pathways, and drive towards your business goals in the process.

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WorldQuant University is an international not-for-profit advancing global education in data sciences.